planting our garden && a new bunny && I FINALLY FINISHED A PAINTING

hola friends! it is May the 25th and I literally have not done ANY blogging in May. its been much too warm outside to sit down on my computer long enough to write a blog post.

On the subject of the gorgeous weather, we were able to plant our garden awhile back! we planted tomatoes, potatoes, peas, carrots, radishes, cauliflower, broccoli, radishes, beets, onions, peppers, celery, zucchini, squash, pumpkins, rhubarb, kale, spinach, lettuce and corn… literally everything, ahah

and I have to admit —- my kale is the CUTEST thing in the garden. those frilly little leaves…

and this is the first year we have planted celery, broccoli, and cauliflower so we are in for an experience! if you have any tips for them, let me know! :-))

sunflowers about to be repotted

I also have SO MANY herbs for a small bed on our deck and I am so stoked to dry them and use them. ahhh. I also want to try and make some tea blends which I think would be neat 😉

and i’m sure you all remember me talking about how excited to be done school I was ??? hahaaa the joy was short lived. I am SO BORED so I decided to take English in June/July to occupy my time and I am kinda REALLY excited to have something to do hahah

finished painting!

and!!! on Friday we got a bunny ! she is so cute and we wanted to name her Peter from Peter Rabbit but then we remembered she was a girl. so we named her BEATRIX 🙂 so cute! she lovvvvvves watermelon and dandelions.

anyways. currently I am reading the blue castle for like the 4th time and I still love it so much. valancy is just SO GOOD

anyways 4 real, GOODNIGHT

new bottle calf && composting && finding my DREAM PLANT !!

hola friends !! it is a sunny tuesday morning and I decided to pull up WordPress and write a post today bc I feel like its been a long time since I did one of these posts but its actually only been like, two weeks. aha

first things first..

Amanda: “i’m probably going to get the corona bc i didn’t wash those two strawberries when mom told me too”

anywayssss LOL

on the very last day of April we found a super cute abandoned calf, who we named Trixie, and we took her home to bottle feed since she wasn’t doing well. now, she is doing super well and drinking a full bottle several times a day. so cute ;’)

dixie is also quite jealous bc a) we pay attention to trxie and not her for like 3 minutes b) their names rhyme ahah

also also also

we started composting! we have so many vegetable scraps and all we do is throw them out so we decided to “repurpose” them and give our garden some better soil by composting. we used plastic barrels, some pallets, and a plastic tube to build our composters and so far, they are working well. the first batch of compost is finally breaking down and now smells very earthy and is looking quite nice. if you’re looking to reduce your garbage and give your soil a boost, composting is a great way to start. The Spruce has so many helpful articles all about it.

new leaves on my ZZ tree !!!!

oh oh and last week I got my new paintbrushes in the mail and EEEEE they are the most beautiful things ever. I could not stop petting them ahh. i’m currently doing a peony/poppy canvas and its been pretty entertaining. i need to finish the first flower before i get bored of it and do something really drastic like paint the whole thing blue LOL

I have been reading a lotttt since I finished school which has been really nice. currently i’m reading rainbow valley by the one and only l m montgomery and ahh i love it so much. the last few Anne books about her children are some of my favorites

eeeeeeeeeeee ALSO ALSO

i broke out of the house yesterday and did a little bit of shopping and i found my dreaaaam plant. one of them at least.

a majesty palm !! i found mine at a hardware store for $20 and she looks so cute in my room.

i really need to stop buying plants, ahah

i think the only one I am going to buy, if i find one, is a pothos because i think it would be super cute on my bookshelf. but other than that i don’t think i will be buying any more houseplants bc my room is fuuuull haha


what have YOU been up to this past week??