new bottle calf && composting && finding my DREAM PLANT !!

hola friends !! it is a sunny tuesday morning and I decided to pull up WordPress and write a post today bc I feel like its been a long time since I did one of these posts but its actually only been like, two weeks. aha

first things first..

Amanda: “i’m probably going to get the corona bc i didn’t wash those two strawberries when mom told me too”

anywayssss LOL

on the very last day of April we found a super cute abandoned calf, who we named Trixie, and we took her home to bottle feed since she wasn’t doing well. now, she is doing super well and drinking a full bottle several times a day. so cute ;’)

dixie is also quite jealous bc a) we pay attention to trxie and not her for like 3 minutes b) their names rhyme ahah

also also also

we started composting! we have so many vegetable scraps and all we do is throw them out so we decided to “repurpose” them and give our garden some better soil by composting. we used plastic barrels, some pallets, and a plastic tube to build our composters and so far, they are working well. the first batch of compost is finally breaking down and now smells very earthy and is looking quite nice. if you’re looking to reduce your garbage and give your soil a boost, composting is a great way to start. The Spruce has so many helpful articles all about it.

new leaves on my ZZ tree !!!!

oh oh and last week I got my new paintbrushes in the mail and EEEEE they are the most beautiful things ever. I could not stop petting them ahh. i’m currently doing a peony/poppy canvas and its been pretty entertaining. i need to finish the first flower before i get bored of it and do something really drastic like paint the whole thing blue LOL

I have been reading a lotttt since I finished school which has been really nice. currently i’m reading rainbow valley by the one and only l m montgomery and ahh i love it so much. the last few Anne books about her children are some of my favorites

eeeeeeeeeeee ALSO ALSO

i broke out of the house yesterday and did a little bit of shopping and i found my dreaaaam plant. one of them at least.

a majesty palm !! i found mine at a hardware store for $20 and she looks so cute in my room.

i really need to stop buying plants, ahah

i think the only one I am going to buy, if i find one, is a pothos because i think it would be super cute on my bookshelf. but other than that i don’t think i will be buying any more houseplants bc my room is fuuuull haha


what have YOU been up to this past week??

overcooked fudge & diseased livestock & other boring stuff || day three of blog-mas

aloha againnn. today is kind of another suuuper random posts ( because obviously those are my favorite ) and today is more of a rambly post.. talking about how I overcooked [ or maybe over mixed???] fudge, treated cattle, and literally did no school [ && and also painted a seed on my painting…]

Our cattle seem to have come down with more pneumonia [ I tried to spell that four times before giving up and googling it] and so yesterday morning I helped run cows through to get treated and it was very nice to have a break from school.

me: *comes inside* “okay, its probably 10:30ish. that didn’t that long.”

also me: *looks at clock* 12:37

and all that extra time I thought I had to do random stuff was gonnnne.

And then we went to Cabela’s last weekend and ahh all the fuuudge

so yesterday I looked high and low for a traditional fudge recipe [that you cook on the stove and then dump it in the mixer and put into a pan, the real stuff]

So, I put it in the mixer to beat and I was cleaning up all the mess and than I looked back at the fudge and it had like SOLIDFIED sooo quickly and it basically turned into sand, arghh

And then, last week we also watched an episode of road to Avonlea we hadn’t watched like ever && and so we rewatched that annndd

mom: didn’t you just watch that episode

And last but not least I painted like a seed on my papaya watercolor. [ which should be on here on a few days ] and i have been painting this in my closet… mainly because I moved my desk into the closet for awhile and I never paint at my desk buttttt I decided to paint at my desk. very randomly.

And there is some thrillingly boring updates of recent happenings. and I will hopefully have my November in review post up soonish. hopefuuuully.

ANYWAYSSS. That wraps up the third day of blog-mas and it actually hasn’t been hard at all to get these posts up. ;D

✌🏼 v i c t o r i a


Recently i have REEEEALLLYYY gotten into watercolors. I tried watercolor pencils for awhile but they have NO comparison to real watercolors and paintbrushes ahh.

For these paintings I used:

-Mont Marte Watercolor Tubes

I looove these watercolors so much! They are so smooth, good quality and super affordable.

-Mont Marte Watercolor Paper

I really like this paper but it isn’t as good as some I’ve used. I find it ends up peeling after a couple coats of watercolor.

Masterstroke Strippler & Round #4 Brushes

I found these for a couple dollars and i really like them! They are really cheap so i’m going to be on the lookout for some new ones sometime. If you have any recommendations, drop them below!

This blue whale was a really fun one to do! One interesting fact about them is that they are the largest animal to have ever lived on earth, with an average size of 100 feet long and 200 tons.

I used Mont Marte Prussian Blue & Permanent Blue. I also add some flecks of dark blue to enhance the colors of the whale a bit.

I love Killer Whales! (or Orca’s, as I usually call them ) They are such a unique whale.

An interesting fact about them is that they can’t smell! (and also apparently are not whales, haha)

I used Mont Marte Lamp Black and Chinese White. I also added flecks of a darker blue to this one.

Sperm Whales have never really been a favorite of mine but they are very unique and have an interesting shape! This actually turned out to be a fun one to paint.

An interesting fact about these whales are that they have the largest known brain of any animal to exist, thus the reason for their bigger head.

I used Mont Marte Cobalt Blue and Prussian Blue. Also added some lighter flecks of pale blue.

I couldn’t decide what this whale was for so long but finally decided it was a grey whale i had painted blue, haha. These are an interesting whale and another one i enjoyed painting.

An interesting fact about them is that they have no teeth and are also endangered.

I used Mont Marte Cobalt Blue and Prussian Blue for this one and added some flecks of a light grey.

These whales were so fun to paint over the past few days and I loved blogging about them! So now a question for YOU

Do you like reading these painting type posts?? And what is your favorite type of whale?

✌🏼 OUT… Victoria