painting whales at midnight && smoking quality beef && finishing science && new plant !!!

aloha friends!! it is bright and early MONDAY morning at approximately 10:17 AM and I am here today at this early hour bc we finished school last night just so we could watch the new episode of when calls the heart before my sister and her boyfriend get here. now that’s what I call #priorities

the toning in this was SO FUN


since they are coming over today along with my sister melanie, we are having steakkk and guess who got to smoke it! thats right! ME! bring on the BEEF

and of course since it was ‘berta beef, it was qualityyyyy

PROGRESS && my dirty mirror

i am also on my last science assignment which i am stoked aboutttt

alos last night I was like “OK I really need to go to bed by ten. at least.” and then I had to clean my room and get ready for bed and then I was looking at some old watercolor’s I did and decided to just very quickly start a whale watercolor and bing bing one hour later… it was like midnight so I went to bed

the end

whales are so good to paint. ahh.

so good;'((

okay okay okay and on TUESDAY!! my favorite ever plant store had a sale so of course I had to risk the corona nd leave the house and just go, ya know, very BRIEFLY look. and then I saw the plant of my dreams. ahhhh. also the biggest allergy of my dreams. LOL

the ZZ tree AHHH he’s so cute !!!

they are getting so big;’)))

and also on Saturday, me && Amanda were feeding cows and bulls with my dad and me && Amanda were taking the twine off the bales and then of course, my hay fever kicked in and just like EVERY SINGLE YEAR, I had to start taking allergy pills aghhhh

but I also learned to swallow them dry so that’s my new brag hehe

blurry but whateverrr

and ALSOOOO I picked jane eyre back up and i’m really enjoying it !! I have literally picked up so many books and just lost interest in them so i’m trying REALLY hard to keep with a book aha


au revoir

painting and repainting … && green smoothies && random laundry story

aloha friends && happy Monday !! it is the sixteenth of MARCH and the coronavirus is in full blast…. what else is new??

first of all, some random lines:

Hannah: “I don’t need a visa to go to costa rica bc its part of the states”

me: “uh no its not han”

Hannah: “yeah it is!”

me: *googles* “Costa Rica is a country…”

Hannah: AGHHH

she also thought mexico was a state ??? that’d be a pretty big state… LOL

also guys! i found this amazingggg bamboo straws by MadeTerra and ahh i love them so much. they are a much more sustainable option rather than plastic straws. HIGHLY RECOMMEND!!!

I also made a green smoothie today and it was reallyyyyy good! I use avo, spinach, mango && mango juice. highly recommend !!!!!!!!

tiny new leaves on my croton petra! so so cute ;’)

I also repainted over my Greece painting… three times… and ahh now i’m doing a flower one and so far its going good but its been an interesting process haha

i’m re listening to a distant melody by sarah sundin ( fun fact: also my first book review on my book blog LOL ) while painting

in the process of one of the flowers…

Amanda: “your painting over it AGAIN????”

yes Amanda yes

I also was doing my laundry today and like SO MANY of my socks were missing adn it was driving me NUTTTTTTSSS so i washed my laundry and folded it and then a few minutes later, I found like 10 dirty socks in my dresser drawer because I was cleaning up at like midnight the other night and my laundry hamper was so full so I just put my socks in my dresser so I wouldn’t lose them. haaahaaaha

monstera didn’t match btw ugh

my sister melanie came home for awhile since her college closed along with everything thing else bc of CORONA VIRUS and she also brought her little terror aka Arnold ahh ( also super cute ;’))

okay okay ANYWAYS everyone wash their hands && don’t overbuy tp && stay in ur houses aha

The Happy Houseplant: Croton Petra

aloha everyone!! I missed last weeks plant post because I kinda just forgot. I also decided to post in the happy houseplant series not every single week, but about 2-3 tiomes per month, not just on sunday’s.

but anyways! today we are going to talking about one of my favvvvvorite plants, the Croton Petra, and I will be sharing my tips for handling and caring for this lovely plant.

all the sunlight

like they thrive in the sun. I put mine in my bathroom for the night bc I let my cat sleep over and it was SO limp the next morning LOL

the cold is their worst enemy

they prefer over 60 F or 16C, but nothing lower which may lead to wilting and death (rip) So be sure to keep away from cold windows in the winter and cold areas of your house.

water when the top inch of soil is dry

watering your croton petra is also the key to making your plant look its best, with no dry or limp leaves. overwatering can cause leaves to yellow and possibly lead to root rot so be sure to always check for the top inch of soil to be completely dry.

high humidity = a happy houseplant

some plants definitely do not benefit from humidity buuut the croton petra is definitely not one of them. we had their humidifier that dixie chewed the end off ( whoops) and so after it sat collecting dust for a couple of months we put a new end on and now my croton petra is thriiiiivingggg

it is poisonous (!!!!!!!)

keep your cats and dogs and little kids farrrr away from your croton petra bc the whole plant is absolutely poisonous esp the seeds.

I hope this post influenced you to go find yourself a croton petra to enjoy the beauty of the colorful leaves ahh


i dyed a shirt with avocado && lemon chicken && new painting !!!

aloha friends!! it is TUESDAYYYY, the third of march !!! I remember last year I felt like the months flew by but this year has been a slower which is super nice

okay okay first off random story of the day :

me: *sleeping*

mom: *comes in my room at crack of dawn aka 6:57 am *

also mom: “the water isn’t working so don’t flush the toilet or the basement will flood”

no other than mom: *tapes “don’t flush” sign on my toilet*

it seems like maybe she knows I have a really short memory span?? maybe??

so blurry but the skyyyyy one night:))

okay okay and then last week I went to goodwill and it was half price dayyyy

and I found this super cute handmade linen blouse for $1.25!! scoreeeeee

and then I ran it through the washer and dryer and then I made my avocados skins and pits I had dried in dye and dyed the shirt, let the dye set in, and then washed and dried it again

I love the moodiness of these photos ahh

and AAAhhHH I love how it turned out

okay okay

and then we have been trying new recipes lately and I REALLLYYYY wanted to try lemon chicken so I got the recipe from my aunt and ahhh I made lemon chicken and it was SOO GOOOODDD ahh new favoriteeee !!!!

I also haven’t painted in a veryyyyyy long time like 2 weeks bc I’ve been so tired and school is contributing to that tiredness

so I decided to start an bigger watercolor of a city on a hill in Greece and ahh its going to look perfecttttt in my room :PP I am so excited to start something new and freshhh

also my bathroom is turning into a mini art gallery LOL help

also. I woke up feeling sooooo sickkkkk yesterday and slept for like 3 hours and then by mid afternoon I felt total fine. it was SO WEIRD

anywayyyys stay in school and don’t go vegan LOL

The Happy Houseplant || Why Are My Plants Dying?

aloha everyone!

it is sundayyyy the last sunday of February and now I am drinking coffee and eagerly anticipating bedtime πŸ™‚

last Saturday, as in the saturday before yesterday’s Saturday, we smoked some burger and ahhh they were srsly the bestttttt hamburgers ever. and so I just made some fresh buns to repeat the gloriousness of them :-))

anyways enough ramblinggggg

today we are going to discussing why your plant is dying. or has died. or might die.


yes I know it looks like I have bloooooming plants everywhere but reallyyy, i too have had my share of dead plants. and it took me awhile to buy another plant after mine died.

It is ALWAYS a good idea to research your plant. Many plants have different care than the normal sun && water.

eg: I had an African violet and it died. for two reasons. a) the pot did not have drainage which is crucial and b) when I watered it, I watered it on top of the leaves and if you know anything about African violets, they do not like to get water on their leaves.

So google your plant and read some care instructions.

buuuuuut anyways. here are some possible reasons your plant is suffering, dead, or might die. take precautions.


wow wow wow. Overwatering is so common and actually much worse than underaatering because it can lead to root rot which is so hard to get rid of. we’ll take about this after.

How do I know i’m overwatering?

The leaves of your plant will turn brown at the tips, which is most common or it could turn light yellow. Your plant will also look quite wilty.

Or if you have succulents, the leaves with turn soft and look quite watery.

and you plant has stopped growing.

Can I fix it?

yes, you can (most of the time)

here’s a few possible ways:

-Add in fresh, well draing soil like a cactus mix.

amandas plant collection πŸ™‚


this is a huuuge one. Root rot is a plant disease which occurs from overwatering and poor drainage. Unfortunately, it is hard to save the plant unless it is in the earliest stages.

How do I know my plant has root rot?

Its pretty easy to diagnose, and the conditions are quite similar to overwatering since overwatering often leads to root rot. The leaves will discolor and turn wilted and if you pull up your plants, the roots will probably be brown and mushy.

Can I save my plant??

It depends on how far the disease has spread through the plant. If its in the early stages you can pull up the plant, prune off the infected roots, discard the infected soil and replant it in fresh soil and hope for the best. and make sure your pot has drainage otherwise your plant is not likely to recover.

donkeys tail succulent I just recently added to my collection


again, it all depends onw hat type of plant you have but if its not a cactus or succulent, then it likely will need some amount of light.

How do I know if my plant needs more light?

It will become lighter in color, and if lighting condition is not improved then the plant leaves will start to turn yellow and fall off.

You will also notice there to be lack of growth on the plant, and it will grow quite slowly and the leaves may be thinner and smaller than usual.

How can I make sure my plant is getting adequate light?

First of all, find out your plant type and google it or you could also read some books about it, I higggggghhhhlyyyyy recommend “How to Houseplant” by Heather Rodino, it has some great informative on watering and lighting for a variety of plants. You can start by checking if you rplant is positioned in a sunny area that has bright sunlight for several hours of the day.


Plants can easily be sunburned by too much sun and you will need to find a good balance so your plant stays healthy.


I hope you are enjoying the happy houseplant series and have a good weekkkkk πŸ™‚

saturday rambling

alohaaaa! it is Saturday at 4:52 and I meant to start writing this post earlier but I got distracted by my suuuuuuuper messy room and so I cleaned that and got excited so I reagrranged a few things and ahhh it looks so cleannnnnnnnnn

now im just waiting for my laundry in the dryer. and then i’ll fold my laundry and my room will be complete.

Lol the cow stuffed animal on my bed

also. most of my laundry this week was socks. LOL. just blue, pink and white puma socks. like 50 of them. I have a thing for puma socks. they are my favoriteeee. 100% recommend.

I feel like I did SO MUCHHH today. I got up at 8:22 (this is what I call sleeping in. LOL.) and then I ate avo toast for breakfast && with coffee.

me: *takes out camera to take picture*
Amanda: *positions Kleenex*
me: ??

then i de-twined some hay bales for the calves with Amanda && then we brought a few bales over to our pasture and came back home. this week I dressed warmly bc last week I literally frozzzzzeeee to death and then it ended up being so warm ahhh I miss warm weather and sunny daysss

And then I posted on my blog Instagram, and then I worked on my plants a little bit, and prune a few leaves off my parlous palm, bella;)) she looks fabulous now.

and then I ate some eggs bacon and avo for lunch ( avocado streeeeak ) and went back to cleaning my room and then I went to the grocery store and the library and then I came home. yeeeetttt

this week my two oldest sisters came over and they literally just did school LOL

emily got off her laptop long enough to pose for a picture with Bea. LOL

annnnnnnnyways, that was saturday rambling and now i’m going to go fold my laundry and eat supper.

what are you up to this weekend???

The Happy Houseplant: 5 Plants for Beginners

aloha friends!! today is Sundayyyy and it has been a longgg sunday. it consisted of my sisters car breaking down and the best part: I got a donkeys tail succulent and I am dyyyyingggg bc he is so cute. how’s your sunday going?

And today for the first post in this fresh new series “The Happy Houseplant”, we are going to be talking about becoming a houseplanter for the first time. Or maybe the second, if your first experience didn’t go so well. πŸ˜‰

first of all.

I’m going to be post once every week, along with my regular rambly type posts. so be sure to subscribe to follow along the plant journeyyyy starting NOW


Along with the simple long dark green leaves, often streaked with yellow and light shades of green, you also recieve the easiest plant ever. And it is so flexible to any environment. It also doesn’t need sun. yay. Literally impossible to kill. and you never have to water it. How much better can it get? oh yes, and its just the cutest plant.

(back, right: snake plant)


These are such fun plants, and are a necessity for any houseplanters collection. The soothing gel will also come in handy and keep you from spending money on the bottled stuff. Okay okay but in reality, we killed our aloe vera plant buuuuut it was our fault because I’m pretty sure a) it never saw the sun b) had root rot c) the leaves never got used

so it turned brown and died. whoops.

my parlor palm, named bella:)


This is suuuch a fun and colorful tropical plant to brighten a bleak room! It is such a good plant for beginner houseplanters and is one that enjoys more constant care and regular waterings.

i just repotted beatrice last night and her roots were in a root ball, so ready for a new pot! πŸ™‚


My mom actually has this one and the first day we had it, when our backs we turned, our cat Pippin went and had a real nice feast. And it looked pretty rough but its growing so that kinda shows how well it will do, even if abused. aha. The white and green leaves curl under, somewhat resembling long pieces of grass and it is a very unique plant!

i didn’t have a picture of the spider plant so be sure to google it πŸ˜›


this is kinda like our family plant ahah. We have like all taken clippings from my moms plant who took a clipping from her moms etc. haha. it is such a happy plant! It doesn’t complain, and stays very content in all sorts of environment and I speak from experience. I neglected mine for like 2 years and he didn’t die. #plantgoalsssss

it also adds a boho kinda vibe to the space. the vine is just so cute.

ANDDDD that concludes the first post in the series! hope you enjoyed and be sure to check back later this week for my weekly ramble and next sunday for more about PLANTSSSS.


apple pie (with messed up lattice) && really random recent rambles LOL

aloha everyone!!

another MONDAY and I finally decided to sit down and do a blog post, because I finally have energy to do a blog post. finally aha

current painting for all the Texans out there haha

right now I just finished some apple pie (I have a thing for apple pie, they are a regular at our house. and they are slowly improving.) and we’re watching some videos on soil infiltration tests because we’re working on our soiiiilllll this year. kinda like my dads new years resolution to get better soil. LOL

ugh yes I messed on the lattice. kinda shows my level of tiredness

anyway some recent stuff…

leah: *eating a popsicle* (in February aha)

also leah: *takes a big bite*

me: *cringes*

does that make anyone else cringe or is that just me?

“oh you know that song they always sing in little house on the prairie? bringing in the sheeps?”


bringing in the sheeps hahahahaaaa


I FINALLYYYY finished my LA for the entire year. almost 5 monthes early ahhhhhhh

sooo happy to be done. esp Romeo and Juliet. augh.

now onto social and science oof

I also finally finished the Emily Starr series and that last book kiiiiiiilllllled meeee. I almost had a literal heart attack bc I was so scared L M Montomery was going to ruin the series and ahhh

I love that series so muuuuch.

and we started the emily of new moon tv show and MAJOR mixed opinions. kinda bleh kinda OK.

dixie licking her nose heehee

now i’m rereading the hollys heart series from the fifth time. literally aha

also the other day on my Instagram I shared a little snap of my room and quite a few people commented on that so I might post a few updated pictures on here sometime so stay tuned for thattt

blurry pictures because it was like sleeting again haha

andddd! next week my sister Emily ( or ojalee as we call her LOL) is flying home for a few dayyyys probably just to see her cat pipsqueak

oh oh oh andddd lastly

I dyed a dress with avocado last week and it made this cute pinkish dye and ahh better pictures coming SOON

sneak peak


dead(ish) african violets + thrift shop finds


it is the last day of januaryyyyy, and it feels likes it been January for foreverrrr like it should be January 74th instead of January 31st LOL so slow but also veryyy packed

I also kinda hate writing month in reviews so I give up on those and instead we’ll just continue with random weekly rambles hahaaa

it has been gloriously warm this week and so I took some pictures outside which will be sprinkled throughout this post


okay okay so it was already just has been dying really slowly from root rot ( its like the the plant version of the coronavirus )

buuuut Amanda found this article about pulling the plant up, washing the roots and replanting in fresh soil so she tried that and the are now just reeeeally wilty aha

my little baby pupsie dixie ahh so cute
she also wouldn’t not stop wiggling hehe

I finished my 31st lesson of LA, making that 4 lessons left so yay for that

THRIFT HAUUUUL aka the two items I let myself buy

So yesterday was my birthday and me and my sister Hannah stopped at goodwill when we were in town and I found like the best finds ever and I just died

ps. go to local thrift stores. they have way better items than mainstream ones like value village and are wayyyyyy cheaper. its amazing

first of all, I found this adorableeee laundry hamper ahhh I have been wanting a cute laundry hamper for so long and I scored this one for $5!! ahhhhhhhhhhhh


and thennnn I found this sweater (!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) for $3.50 and I lovvvve it so much

as Sophia says “ITS SO HIPPPPYYYY”

also ft my new plant named beatrice or you can call her bea for short hahaaa


i made cheesecake. ahhh. and we’re having just broccoli stir fry for supper. ahh. and i had avocado toast for lunch. ahh. birthdays are good food days.