spriiiiing && bone broth && hoarded gems

hola friends !! it is TUESDAY the 21st of April and it is soooo warm and sunny and lovely out ahhh

it supposed to get to 17 C today ( aka 62 F ) which will be so nice

the other night I had a dream that all the snow melted and basically the grass was like a sponge from all the water. LOL

And then the next morning the grass was literally like a sponge when I went outside. ahhhh

and now all the snow is basically gone !!!!!!!!!!!!! yay

I’m currently writing my finals this week ( and last week ) and just wrote 5 essays over the past two days and ahhhhhh government is so boring help me

I also am rereading the “a life of faith: millie keith” series for the FIFTH time. literally. they are some of the best books ever.

I also started working on an old painting again and so far it has been fun. a long process though. and I ran out of white paint agh so I’ve been using housepaint and its worked really great !!

I got so bored of this ah help

we also had lovely easter last sunday and a lovely tuuurkey so I made bone broth out of the carcass with some onion and the skin for color && also some carrots celery and some herbs.

my mom also found this CLASSY cow sweater in her closet that my grandma knitted yearrrrrrs ago. I claimed it && its the best thing ever LOL

oh oh and lastly

me and melanie were cleaning one of the storage rooms in the basement so she could stay in it and suddenly we saw Chunks ( her cat) staring in through the window and he had snow in his whiskers and he was so cold !! it happened that our parents let him out when they went to check cows an HOUR before. surprisly Dixie did not get to him before we did LOL

rainbow peperomnia


happy TUESDAY and make sure you are eating a lot of good food like us in quarantine. not good as in healthy but good as in flavor. ahah

4 thoughts on “spriiiiing && bone broth && hoarded gems

  1. Oh, I love hearing how everyone is keeping themselves occupied during this time of being at home. Your broth looks yummy, and I think you did a lovely job of the water colour painting. My sister, Beth, also loves painting with water colours…she spends hours practicing new techniques.
    Thank you so much for visiting my blog…I really appreciate you taking the time to leave me a comment! ♥️
    Have a blessed week further!
    ~ Kelly-Anne

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