the truth about facemasks

aloha friends!! it is GOOD FRIDAY today so happy good fridayyyy!! hope your having a lovely Easter weekend so far.


today I come with a liiiiittle bit of a rant. about something that is annoying me so badddd right now



I see them everywhere. people are sewing them, buying them, and even CROCHETING them.

people who do not have corona virus at all.

perfectly healthy people wearing facemasks.

and you gUUYYYSSsss

facemasks are NOT going to keep you from getting coronavirus if you are perfectly healthy.

I know this is a huge shocker but AIR CAN GO AROUND YOUR MASK.

especially with crocheted facemasks LOL


sure, if someone sneezes, you might be able to keep the large droplets from sneezing and talking off your face with your facemask but it is still in the air. and that air can go around your mask.

unless you actually have the dreaded coronavirus, your facemask is not going to keep you from getting the corona.

sure, take precaution && wash and sanitize your hands. don’t go around licking the grocery store floor.

and sure, wear a facemask if it makes your FEEL like you wouldn’t get coronavirus but realistically, its not going to keep you from getting coronavirus.

Literally the only time facemasks are effective is if you have coronavirus or have been exposed to it, and then it is effective because the mask is containing some of the germs and preventing other people around them from getting the virus.

I hiiiighly recommend checking out these resources where I got my information…

An AMAZING video about this from the BBC – HERE

An article about this on Business Insider – HERE

An article about this on Medicine Net – HERE

anyways. I don’t mean to offend anyone but to share the TRUTH ABOUT FACEMASKS

hope you have a fabulous Easter weekend even if you have to stay home !! happy easterrrrr !!!!

4 thoughts on “the truth about facemasks

  1. Oh, I am so much in agreement with you!!!!! Unfortunately where I live, we are apparently required to wear a face mask in public (or at least in the stores) or we might get fined. However, I have just been wearing a scarf and then if I go into a shop or something I slip the scarf over my face. 🙂 Not that it’s actually going to help keep me from getting sick, but it will keep me from getting fined. haha! But if I am just walking along the street, I tend to leave the scarf down because I don’t think they mind as much.

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