The Happy Houseplant: Snake Plants

aloha friends and happy MONDAY !! its a new week and we are going to be dicuss one of my all time favorite plants. the snake plant. also known as the “mother-in-laws tongue”. aka the cutest plant ever.

My Sansevieria snake plant with yellow tipped edged was the first official houseplant I purchased back in the fall and I LOVE HIM SO MUCH. his name is Bolivia but you can call him Olive for short. LOL

They are almost the easiest houseplant. ever. I remember getting and knowing literally nothing about snake planets except a) they like NEVER need to be watered b) they can tolerate low light c) someone i follow on Instagram got one and it was SO CUTE

they are such a classy, and sleek plant that automatically adds a little bit of boho to your room.

My sister Amanda also got a little rocket snake plant and another type of sansevieria snake plant that is just green with lighter green zig zags. My Mom got one like this too and they are both so cute


lets talk about caring for your new pet err plant

|| Snake plants are known for tolerating low light or no light at all. ACTUALLY. Snake Plants really enjoy light and new shoots will come up.

|| They enjoy a good watering every 6-8 weeks but they are an excellent at putting up with little to no watering.

|| Snake Plant propagation is one of the easiest types of propagation. You can either divide a small section off the mother plant or if a leaf happens to fall off, you can just cut the leaf into 2 inch sections and pop it into a well draining soil.


|| Its an air purifier. SO good for your air, especially in the winter.

|| it fights allergies. this is a great one for me because in the spring I get reeeally bad hay fever.


|| may have been overwatered and it is recommend you put near light source and to take precaution, plant your snake plant in a well draining soil.


|| it could have cold damage ( as in winter) or improper watering or possibly a pest infection such as mealy bugs or spider mites which should be treated immediately.

I hope you enjoyed learning about snake plants and you are able to care fro your snake plant better or you were encouraged to get one yourself!! ;)))

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    1. yes i feel like it does little a bit! i have several air purifying plants so i may be a little bias in my judgement though 😉 thanks for commenting !!

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