“quarantine” musings && hello april !!!!!!

aloha friends && happy APRIL !!!! it is currently 1:27 and i am on my second cup of coffee and its really hot inside the house. but I better not go outside bc coronavirus is apparently crawling all over.

dixie stretching !!!

just kidddddinggg I know coronavirus is a serious thing but i’m kinda annoyed at hearing about it and the extremely great lengths people are going. I’ve been following the virus since January and over these past two months, its gotten craaazy

during “quarantine” I….

-read a nancy drew, the clue in the stagecoach and it was surprisly good. I lovvvve the vintage copies over the new ones

-finished my science for the year !! I’m also super close to finishing social and math and then ill be donnnnnne

– painted !! I pulled out my watercolor and doodled some differnet whale species in my watercolor sketchbook and it was so fun !! I love whalessssss ๐Ÿ‹

– made lemon chicken. seriously the most beautiful thing I’ve ever eaten. I dream of this stuff.

-convinced Emily to make the most beautiful cinnamon bun recipe ever. its so beautiful. and they were excellent. ( I can say that now bc I didn’t make them ;)))

– cleaned out the laundry room w/ melanie and aghhhh we have so many mismatch socks. ahah

rooster watercolour ๐Ÿ”

– took some pictures of our lovely cattle in the back !! they are so cute

– drank a lot of bubly. still my fave. I also made a blackberry syrup with maple sugar bc it seems like such a sin to put sugar in Bubly which is all natural

– I started sunflower seeds !! I LOVE SUNFLOWERS SO MUUUUCH ahhh

green even when it’s gray out

– listened to ‘a distant melody’ by sarah sundin. she is seriously the quuuuuueen of wwii fiction.

-stayed off Instagram and my phone for a day. I GLADY did this bc I was SOOOOO fed up with those stupid tags going around. AGHHHHHHHHHHHH everyone get a liiiife and get off of Instagram please

-started a compost bucket !! im hoping to add this to our garden in the summer. its a great way to reduce waste and recycle it && its great for plants

so cute

now for my quarantine / april bucket list ( LOL )

– binge read a series. ideas: the “missing” series by Margaret Peterson Haddix, “anne of green gables” by l m montgomery or something else that will keep my interest aha

– finish my acrylic painting !!

chunky ๐Ÿ™‚

-paint a pair of pants !! or embroider something.

– listen to two audio books

-finished social and math and write finalsssss

-read 6 books hopefully. depends on my mood. sometimes I can binge read and other days I won’t read at all.

sassy cattle ๐Ÿฎ

anyways. I have a mouth sore from biting the inside of my lip and accidentally touched it while brushing my teeth this morning and agh it huuuurt


stay away from coronavirus && don’t do stupid Instagram tags.

au revoirrrrr

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