painting whales at midnight && smoking quality beef && finishing science && new plant !!!

aloha friends!! it is bright and early MONDAY morning at approximately 10:17 AM and I am here today at this early hour bc we finished school last night just so we could watch the new episode of when calls the heart before my sister and her boyfriend get here. now that’s what I call #priorities

the toning in this was SO FUN


since they are coming over today along with my sister melanie, we are having steakkk and guess who got to smoke it! thats right! ME! bring on the BEEF

and of course since it was ‘berta beef, it was qualityyyyy

PROGRESS && my dirty mirror

i am also on my last science assignment which i am stoked aboutttt

alos last night I was like “OK I really need to go to bed by ten. at least.” and then I had to clean my room and get ready for bed and then I was looking at some old watercolor’s I did and decided to just very quickly start a whale watercolor and bing bing one hour later… it was like midnight so I went to bed

the end

whales are so good to paint. ahh.

so good;'((

okay okay okay and on TUESDAY!! my favorite ever plant store had a sale so of course I had to risk the corona nd leave the house and just go, ya know, very BRIEFLY look. and then I saw the plant of my dreams. ahhhh. also the biggest allergy of my dreams. LOL

the ZZ tree AHHH he’s so cute !!!

they are getting so big;’)))

and also on Saturday, me && Amanda were feeding cows and bulls with my dad and me && Amanda were taking the twine off the bales and then of course, my hay fever kicked in and just like EVERY SINGLE YEAR, I had to start taking allergy pills aghhhh

but I also learned to swallow them dry so that’s my new brag hehe

blurry but whateverrr

and ALSOOOO I picked jane eyre back up and i’m really enjoying it !! I have literally picked up so many books and just lost interest in them so i’m trying REALLY hard to keep with a book aha


au revoir

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