painting and repainting … && green smoothies && random laundry story

aloha friends && happy Monday !! it is the sixteenth of MARCH and the coronavirus is in full blast…. what else is new??

first of all, some random lines:

Hannah: “I don’t need a visa to go to costa rica bc its part of the states”

me: “uh no its not han”

Hannah: “yeah it is!”

me: *googles* “Costa Rica is a country…”

Hannah: AGHHH

she also thought mexico was a state ??? that’d be a pretty big state… LOL

also guys! i found this amazingggg bamboo straws by MadeTerra and ahh i love them so much. they are a much more sustainable option rather than plastic straws. HIGHLY RECOMMEND!!!

I also made a green smoothie today and it was reallyyyyy good! I use avo, spinach, mango && mango juice. highly recommend !!!!!!!!

tiny new leaves on my croton petra! so so cute ;’)

I also repainted over my Greece painting… three times… and ahh now i’m doing a flower one and so far its going good but its been an interesting process haha

i’m re listening to a distant melody by sarah sundin ( fun fact: also my first book review on my book blog LOL ) while painting

in the process of one of the flowers…

Amanda: “your painting over it AGAIN????”

yes Amanda yes

I also was doing my laundry today and like SO MANY of my socks were missing adn it was driving me NUTTTTTTSSS so i washed my laundry and folded it and then a few minutes later, I found like 10 dirty socks in my dresser drawer because I was cleaning up at like midnight the other night and my laundry hamper was so full so I just put my socks in my dresser so I wouldn’t lose them. haaahaaaha

monstera didn’t match btw ugh

my sister melanie came home for awhile since her college closed along with everything thing else bc of CORONA VIRUS and she also brought her little terror aka Arnold ahh ( also super cute ;’))

okay okay ANYWAYS everyone wash their hands && don’t overbuy tp && stay in ur houses aha

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