The Happy Houseplant: Croton Petra

aloha everyone!! I missed last weeks plant post because I kinda just forgot. I also decided to post in the happy houseplant series not every single week, but about 2-3 tiomes per month, not just on sunday’s.

but anyways! today we are going to talking about one of my favvvvvorite plants, the Croton Petra, and I will be sharing my tips for handling and caring for this lovely plant.

all the sunlight

like they thrive in the sun. I put mine in my bathroom for the night bc I let my cat sleep over and it was SO limp the next morning LOL

the cold is their worst enemy

they prefer over 60 F or 16C, but nothing lower which may lead to wilting and death (rip) So be sure to keep away from cold windows in the winter and cold areas of your house.

water when the top inch of soil is dry

watering your croton petra is also the key to making your plant look its best, with no dry or limp leaves. overwatering can cause leaves to yellow and possibly lead to root rot so be sure to always check for the top inch of soil to be completely dry.

high humidity = a happy houseplant

some plants definitely do not benefit from humidity buuut the croton petra is definitely not one of them. we had their humidifier that dixie chewed the end off ( whoops) and so after it sat collecting dust for a couple of months we put a new end on and now my croton petra is thriiiiivingggg

it is poisonous (!!!!!!!)

keep your cats and dogs and little kids farrrr away from your croton petra bc the whole plant is absolutely poisonous esp the seeds.

I hope this post influenced you to go find yourself a croton petra to enjoy the beauty of the colorful leaves ahh


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