The Happy Houseplant || Why Are My Plants Dying?

aloha everyone!

it is sundayyyy the last sunday of February and now I am drinking coffee and eagerly anticipating bedtime 🙂

last Saturday, as in the saturday before yesterday’s Saturday, we smoked some burger and ahhh they were srsly the bestttttt hamburgers ever. and so I just made some fresh buns to repeat the gloriousness of them :-))

anyways enough ramblinggggg

today we are going to discussing why your plant is dying. or has died. or might die.


yes I know it looks like I have bloooooming plants everywhere but reallyyy, i too have had my share of dead plants. and it took me awhile to buy another plant after mine died.

It is ALWAYS a good idea to research your plant. Many plants have different care than the normal sun && water.

eg: I had an African violet and it died. for two reasons. a) the pot did not have drainage which is crucial and b) when I watered it, I watered it on top of the leaves and if you know anything about African violets, they do not like to get water on their leaves.

So google your plant and read some care instructions.

buuuuuut anyways. here are some possible reasons your plant is suffering, dead, or might die. take precautions.


wow wow wow. Overwatering is so common and actually much worse than underaatering because it can lead to root rot which is so hard to get rid of. we’ll take about this after.

How do I know i’m overwatering?

The leaves of your plant will turn brown at the tips, which is most common or it could turn light yellow. Your plant will also look quite wilty.

Or if you have succulents, the leaves with turn soft and look quite watery.

and you plant has stopped growing.

Can I fix it?

yes, you can (most of the time)

here’s a few possible ways:

-Add in fresh, well draing soil like a cactus mix.

amandas plant collection 🙂


this is a huuuge one. Root rot is a plant disease which occurs from overwatering and poor drainage. Unfortunately, it is hard to save the plant unless it is in the earliest stages.

How do I know my plant has root rot?

Its pretty easy to diagnose, and the conditions are quite similar to overwatering since overwatering often leads to root rot. The leaves will discolor and turn wilted and if you pull up your plants, the roots will probably be brown and mushy.

Can I save my plant??

It depends on how far the disease has spread through the plant. If its in the early stages you can pull up the plant, prune off the infected roots, discard the infected soil and replant it in fresh soil and hope for the best. and make sure your pot has drainage otherwise your plant is not likely to recover.

donkeys tail succulent I just recently added to my collection


again, it all depends onw hat type of plant you have but if its not a cactus or succulent, then it likely will need some amount of light.

How do I know if my plant needs more light?

It will become lighter in color, and if lighting condition is not improved then the plant leaves will start to turn yellow and fall off.

You will also notice there to be lack of growth on the plant, and it will grow quite slowly and the leaves may be thinner and smaller than usual.

How can I make sure my plant is getting adequate light?

First of all, find out your plant type and google it or you could also read some books about it, I higggggghhhhlyyyyy recommend “How to Houseplant” by Heather Rodino, it has some great informative on watering and lighting for a variety of plants. You can start by checking if you rplant is positioned in a sunny area that has bright sunlight for several hours of the day.


Plants can easily be sunburned by too much sun and you will need to find a good balance so your plant stays healthy.


I hope you are enjoying the happy houseplant series and have a good weekkkkk 🙂

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