saturday rambling

alohaaaa! it is Saturday at 4:52 and I meant to start writing this post earlier but I got distracted by my suuuuuuuper messy room and so I cleaned that and got excited so I reagrranged a few things and ahhh it looks so cleannnnnnnnnn

now im just waiting for my laundry in the dryer. and then i’ll fold my laundry and my room will be complete.

Lol the cow stuffed animal on my bed

also. most of my laundry this week was socks. LOL. just blue, pink and white puma socks. like 50 of them. I have a thing for puma socks. they are my favoriteeee. 100% recommend.

I feel like I did SO MUCHHH today. I got up at 8:22 (this is what I call sleeping in. LOL.) and then I ate avo toast for breakfast && with coffee.

me: *takes out camera to take picture*
Amanda: *positions Kleenex*
me: ??

then i de-twined some hay bales for the calves with Amanda && then we brought a few bales over to our pasture and came back home. this week I dressed warmly bc last week I literally frozzzzzeeee to death and then it ended up being so warm ahhh I miss warm weather and sunny daysss

And then I posted on my blog Instagram, and then I worked on my plants a little bit, and prune a few leaves off my parlous palm, bella;)) she looks fabulous now.

and then I ate some eggs bacon and avo for lunch ( avocado streeeeak ) and went back to cleaning my room and then I went to the grocery store and the library and then I came home. yeeeetttt

this week my two oldest sisters came over and they literally just did school LOL

emily got off her laptop long enough to pose for a picture with Bea. LOL

annnnnnnnyways, that was saturday rambling and now i’m going to go fold my laundry and eat supper.

what are you up to this weekend???

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