The Happy Houseplant: 5 Plants for Beginners

aloha friends!! today is Sundayyyy and it has been a longgg sunday. it consisted of my sisters car breaking down and the best part: I got a donkeys tail succulent and I am dyyyyingggg bc he is so cute. how’s your sunday going?

And today for the first post in this fresh new series “The Happy Houseplant”, we are going to be talking about becoming a houseplanter for the first time. Or maybe the second, if your first experience didn’t go so well. šŸ˜‰

first of all.

I’m going to be post once every week, along with my regular rambly type posts. so be sure to subscribe to follow along the plant journeyyyy starting NOW


Along with the simple long dark green leaves, often streaked with yellow and light shades of green, you also recieve the easiest plant ever. And it is so flexible to any environment. It also doesn’t need sun. yay. Literally impossible to kill. and you never have to water it. How much better can it get? oh yes, and its just the cutest plant.

(back, right: snake plant)


These are such fun plants, and are a necessity for any houseplanters collection. The soothing gel will also come in handy and keep you from spending money on the bottled stuff. Okay okay but in reality, we killed our aloe vera plant buuuuut it was our fault because I’m pretty sure a) it never saw the sun b) had root rot c) the leaves never got used

so it turned brown and died. whoops.

my parlor palm, named bella:)


This is suuuch a fun and colorful tropical plant to brighten a bleak room! It is such a good plant for beginner houseplanters and is one that enjoys more constant care and regular waterings.

i just repotted beatrice last night and her roots were in a root ball, so ready for a new pot! šŸ™‚


My mom actually has this one and the first day we had it, when our backs we turned, our cat Pippin went and had a real nice feast. And it looked pretty rough but its growing so that kinda shows how well it will do, even if abused. aha. The white and green leaves curl under, somewhat resembling long pieces of grass and it is a very unique plant!

i didn’t have a picture of the spider plant so be sure to google it šŸ˜›


this is kinda like our family plant ahah. We have like all taken clippings from my moms plant who took a clipping from her moms etc. haha. it is such a happy plant! It doesn’t complain, and stays very content in all sorts of environment and I speak from experience. I neglected mine for like 2 years and he didn’t die. #plantgoalsssss

it also adds a boho kinda vibe to the space. the vine is just so cute.

ANDDDD that concludes the first post in the series! hope you enjoyed and be sure to check back later this week for my weekly ramble and next sunday for more about PLANTSSSS.


5 thoughts on “The Happy Houseplant: 5 Plants for Beginners

    1. Thanks so much! šŸ™‚
      Usually, the leaves will have filled out the current pot and it can be easily lifted out of the pot in one piece; which is a root ball, which means its time to repot. šŸ˜‰


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