new kittens && murdering my snake plant (almost) && harvesting spinach

hello friends! it is june 23rd and officially the second week of school. and no, I don’t want to hear about subordinate clauses ever again. I still confuse them with every other type of clause.

anyways. I took my camera out to snap a few shots of our flowers and wildflowers thought I would share them today along with some random other stuff. LOL

swingtime fushia

i KILLED MY GOLD EDGED SNAKE PLANT. He got thrips REALLY bad and curled up and went soft. I tried to divide him to save him and now we are just waiting…. in the meantime though my favorite local plant store restocked on the gold edged ones os i decided to splurge and buy a new one. I LOVE them so much. and i missed having my old one on my nightstand.

i went to the library for the first time in like 3 months and literally almost maxed out my card….its bad… ๐Ÿ™‚ speaking of books, i found “Before and After” by Lisa Wingate and Judy Christie at a thrift shop last week and i was so excited because it was fifty cents! i’m almost done it now and its so interesting. all about the Tennessee Children’s Home Society and Georgia Tann. I sipped iced coffee and read a good portion on the deck sunday afternoon.

we also went back to church on sunday! of course with our mandatory face masks which is getting REALLY annoying. i don’t have corona and i don’t care about getting it… so why !!! there is literally such a low risk here where i live… agh.

some little white flowers —- these are suuper tiny and grow wild around the calves pen.

purple flowers…

and exciting moment! i made a green smoothie out of garden spinach!!! it was exciting. like really exciting. and tasted great. why haven’t we grown spinach before?! ๐Ÿ™‚

and of course, the classic wild rose. we have several of these bushes on our land and they are so nice!

a blurry photo taken while i was feeding Trixie…

i almost forgot to mention that rilla had her kittens! we had her inside for about a week, and then my sisters cat Ari was here and we babysat someone scat for night so we had TWELVE CATS inside one night. it was HORRIBLE. So now Rilla is back outside with her kittens, Ari went home and the owners came and picked up the cat. So we are back to three. i’m not kidding, it was HORRIBLE. literally tripping over cats aha

taken from my mom’s Instagram… because i couldn’t get a very clear photo haha

and of course, dixie cooling off in a mud puddle.

dixie being skeptical of her choices…

anyways. that’s it for today because i am tired from using my brain too hard to read the alchemist ( lol ) and really need coffee.

ps. i made sourdough bagels again. favorite.


sourdough bagels && redecorating my room && JUNE

hello friends! it is the 10th of june and today I decided to do a post finally because my computer was dead for like a week. haha whoops

trixie belden and jarback priest (emily of new moon haha)


it is a nice sunny Wednesday morning and not much has happened except I have to go to the dentist this afternoon for a cleaning and we are processing some cows and calves this week. I also start English on Monday so I probably won’t put out many new posts in june/july ๐Ÿ˜ฆ but I am SO EXCITED for something to do haha

anyways, I think I was about 2 weeks ago, our rabbit Beatrix had 6 bunnies! we didn’t know she was even pregnant and so we had her outside cage and she had the bunnies outside andddd they all died. rabbits are supposedly bad mothers so I don’t think we are entirely at fault hah

I also have started a sourdough starter!! I started it several weeks ago and finally was able to use it for the first time last week. I made bagels and honestly I was shocked the starter actually worked and light they were! sourdough is SO GOOD I used THIS recipe from Baked: the blog.

and I have been changing a couple things up in my bedroom because I wanted more neutral tones mixed in so I switched a few things out on my shelf above my bed. my mom recently found a queen marble pothos for me and i was SO EXCITEDDDDD because literally the day before I was talking about how much i wanted one. ahhhhh its so pretty and I love the look of it as a trailing vine! right now its still adapting to being a vine because it was staked to a post and it was literally crushing the leaves when I got it. aghhh. plant abuse these days !

and lastly I am painting some of my favorite wildflowers that grow around here — buffalo beans! I wanted a fresh color palette without pink because right now I am so sick of pink lol

wait wait, one more thing. I started les mis by victor hugo and i am really enjoying it!

me reading it: okay okay this makes mostly sense

me reading sparknotes: wait, what? when did that happen?!

I would be so confused without sparknotes hahah

anyways. have a good WEDNESDAY and make sourdough starter !!

spring blooms

hola friends! it is FRIDAY and almost the end of May. it felt like May went past SO FAST this year ๐Ÿ™‚

we finally have some GREEN and new LEAVES and some flowers! I decided to pull out my camera and take a few photos.. and then my camera died…. I still got some decent ones though of the apple blossoms and thought I would share them today!

not sure what this plant was, maybe a saskatoon bush?

buffalo bean wildflowers – they are so cute && vibrant!

not the best shot but you can see how full the tree is of blossoms!


we planted soooo many bulbs last week, like gladiolus, iris’s, calla lilies, and lilies and hopefully I will get some photos of those when they come up along with the peonies!

what was your favorite photo? and what kind of flowers do you have blooming?

planting our garden && a new bunny && I FINALLY FINISHED A PAINTING

hola friends! it is May the 25th and I literally have not done ANY blogging in May. its been much too warm outside to sit down on my computer long enough to write a blog post.

On the subject of the gorgeous weather, we were able to plant our garden awhile back! we planted tomatoes, potatoes, peas, carrots, radishes, cauliflower, broccoli, radishes, beets, onions, peppers, celery, zucchini, squash, pumpkins, rhubarb, kale, spinach, lettuce and corn… literally everything, ahah

and I have to admit —- my kale is the CUTEST thing in the garden. those frilly little leaves…

and this is the first year we have planted celery, broccoli, and cauliflower so we are in for an experience! if you have any tips for them, let me know! :-))

sunflowers about to be repotted

I also have SO MANY herbs for a small bed on our deck and I am so stoked to dry them and use them. ahhh. I also want to try and make some tea blends which I think would be neat ๐Ÿ˜‰

and i’m sure you all remember me talking about how excited to be done school I was ??? hahaaa the joy was short lived. I am SO BORED so I decided to take English in June/July to occupy my time and I am kinda REALLY excited to have something to do hahah

finished painting!

and!!! on Friday we got a bunny ! she is so cute and we wanted to name her Peter from Peter Rabbit but then we remembered she was a girl. so we named her BEATRIX ๐Ÿ™‚ so cute! she lovvvvvves watermelon and dandelions.

anyways. currently I am reading the blue castle for like the 4th time and I still love it so much. valancy is just SO GOOD

anyways 4 real, GOODNIGHT

new bottle calf && composting && finding my DREAM PLANT !!

hola friends !! it is a sunny tuesday morning and I decided to pull up WordPress and write a post today bc I feel like its been a long time since I did one of these posts but its actually only been like, two weeks. aha

first things first..

Amanda: “i’m probably going to get the corona bc i didn’t wash those two strawberries when mom told me too”

anywayssss LOL

on the very last day of April we found a super cute abandoned calf, who we named Trixie, and we took her home to bottle feed since she wasn’t doing well. now, she is doing super well and drinking a full bottle several times a day. so cute ;’)

dixie is also quite jealous bc a) we pay attention to trxie and not her for like 3 minutes b) their names rhyme ahah

also also also

we started composting! we have so many vegetable scraps and all we do is throw them out so we decided to “repurpose” them and give our garden some better soil by composting. we used plastic barrels, some pallets, and a plastic tube to build our composters and so far, they are working well. the first batch of compost is finally breaking down and now smells very earthy and is looking quite nice. if you’re looking to reduce your garbage and give your soil a boost, composting is a great way to start. The Spruce has so many helpful articles all about it.

new leaves on my ZZ tree !!!!

oh oh and last week I got my new paintbrushes in the mail and EEEEE they are the most beautiful things ever. I could not stop petting them ahh. i’m currently doing a peony/poppy canvas and its been pretty entertaining. i need to finish the first flower before i get bored of it and do something really drastic like paint the whole thing blue LOL

I have been reading a lotttt since I finished school which has been really nice. currently i’m reading rainbow valley by the one and only l m montgomery and ahh i love it so much. the last few Anne books about her children are some of my favorites

eeeeeeeeeeee ALSO ALSO

i broke out of the house yesterday and did a little bit of shopping and i found my dreaaaam plant. one of them at least.

a majesty palm !! i found mine at a hardware store for $20 and she looks so cute in my room.

i really need to stop buying plants, ahah

i think the only one I am going to buy, if i find one, is a pothos because i think it would be super cute on my bookshelf. but other than that i don’t think i will be buying any more houseplants bc my room is fuuuull haha


what have YOU been up to this past week??

top five reads for summer 2020

aloha friends!! it is a lovely sunny TUESDAY morning && ahhh guys I FINISHED SCHOOL FOR THE YEAR. so now I have FOUR MONTHES OFF. so so soooo excited.

yesterday I started a new painting and I LOVE how it is going. I chose some blue tones && they have been so fun to work with. I also went up to our pastures farther north and helped my dad collect up some fencing. and it RAINED in the evening !! the first official rain of the year here and it was so nice. and it smelled so good.

anywayyyys, since its officially summer break for me && everyone is sitting at home doing like nothing in “quarantine” (I still say it in ” ” because I still think quarantine is describing if you are sick and isolated and away from ppl. ) we all need a good list of books to read.

and I know I know, everyone is probably asking how they are going to get books now that the library is closed etc etc. well there’s a lot of online bookstores, new and used and also a lot of ebooks available through your library online or Amazon.

first things first

The Blue Castle – L. M. Montgomery

At twenty-nine, Valancy has never been in love, and it seems romance has passed her by. Living with her overbearing mother and meddlesome aunt, she finds her only consolations in the “forbidden” books of John Foster and her daydreams of the Blue Castle. Then a letter arrives from Dr. Trent–and Valancy decides to throw caution to the winds. For the first time in her life Valancy does and says exactly what she wants. Soon she discovers a surprising new world, full of love and adventures far beyond her most secret dreams.

this is one of the best books ever written. I read it for the first time last june and I loved it SO MUCH that I reread it again in the fall. its just the perfect book for summer and a wonderful story. pleeeeease go and read it this summer. esp if you are an Montgomery fan already. ahhhh

Projekt 1065 – Alan Gratz


Infiltrate. Befriend. Sabotage. World War II is raging. Michael O’Shaunessey, originally from Ireland, now lives in Nazi Germany with his parents. Like the other boys in his school, Michael is a member of the Hitler Youth.But Michael has a secret. He and his parents are spies.

Michael despises everything the Nazis stand for. But he joins in the Hitler Youth’s horrific games and book burnings, playing the part so he can gain insider knowledge.

When Michael learns about Projekt 1065, a secret Nazi war mission, things get even more complicated. He must prove his loyalty to the Hitler Youth at all costs — even if it means risking everything he cares about. Including… his own life.

someone recommended this to me last year and I finally got around to rereading it in January and even though i am past the target age, I really enjoyed it!! I am always down for a good WWII novel and this was no exception. I highly recommend picking this one up && reading it yourself.

i also ordered another one of Alan Gratz’s books “Refugee” and I am so excited to read it! it sounds so interesting && his writing style is amazing.

The Penderwicks – Jeanne Birdsall

DESCRIPTION The Penderwick sisters busily discover the summertime magic of Arundel estateโ€™s sprawling gardens, treasure-filled attic, tame rabbits, and the cook who makes the best gingerbread in Massachusetts. Best of all is Jeffrey Tifton, son of Arundelโ€™s owner, the perfect companion for their adventures. Icy-hearted Mrs. Tifton is less pleased with the Penderwicks than Jeffrey, and warns the new friends to stay out of trouble. Is that any fun? For sure the summer will be unforgettable.

A couple of my friends recommend this series to me a long time ago and I was totally not expecting to like them. but I LOVED them so much. and have reread them a million times. a lovely whirlwind of classical, and modern day, the March sisters portrayed through the Penderwick sisters and a dose of some other gold classics like Emily of New Moon. just. so. good. a breath of air in the category of modern middle grade fiction.

A Life of Faith: Elsie Dinsmore Series – Martha Finley


Two decades before the Civil War, an eight-year-old Southern heiress longs for the love of the father she has never known–but when they meet at last, nothing is as Elsie expects. Can the proud and willful Horace Dinsmore learn to love his only child–a little girl whose first allegiance is to God?

everyone’s probablylike “you talk too much about the Millie Keith series blah blah blah” so I decided to change it up and talk about another related series that I never really talk about – the Elsie Dinsmore series. okayokay, I think this series is an absolute MUST read in the late spring/summer time. EEEEEEE I love these books. the first two are definitely not my favorite but after that, AHHHHHHH they get so good. esp books 3-4-5-6 when they get into the civil war and the KKK.

I don’t know about you but reading about the south is the summer, esp in historical fiction just makes it seem so summery because its always decsribed as being so hot. I lovvvvve those books set in the civil war era and around the underground railroad. my favorite.

Porch Swing Girl – Taylor Bennett


What if friendship cost you everything?

Stranded in Hawaii after the death of her mother, sixteen-year-old Olive Galloway is desperate to escape. She has to get back to Boston before her dad loses all common sense and sells the family house. But plane tickets cost moneyโ€”something Olive gravely lacks.

With the help of Brander, the fussy youth group worship leader, and Jazz, a mysterious girl with a passion for all things Hawaiian, Olive lands a summer job at the Shave Ice Shack and launches a scheme to buy a plane ticket home before the end of the summer.

But when Jazz reveals a painful secret, Oliveโ€™s plans are challenged. Jazz needs money. A lot of it. Olive and Brander are determined to help their friend but, when their fundraising efforts are thwarted, Olive is caught in the middle. To help Jazz means giving up her ticket home. And time is running out.

Okay okay so i found this one through the author because she was one of first Instagram followers on my blog account like 2-3 years ago and so i followed her back way back in the day, before she published Porch Swing Girl. And then when it came out, I bought it & loved it!! it was such a fun and suuuper summery story set in Hawaii and i just thought all the characters were so much fun!! now, next two books in the series, Sand Castle Dreams and Barefoot Memories are out and i really need to read them. hopefully sometime in May!

anyways. in May i am going to try and write down some stuff and take some more pictures so i can do a May in Review post but we’ll see how it goes. probably not much will happen since everyone is staying home, haha. or i might do a two seconds a day video and put them together. but i also think the week in review posts are a lot less work to put together. thoughts???

and also, qqotd: whats on your summer reading list?? should i share mine??


spriiiiing && bone broth && hoarded gems

hola friends !! it is TUESDAY the 21st of April and it is soooo warm and sunny and lovely out ahhh

it supposed to get to 17 C today ( aka 62 F ) which will be so nice

the other night I had a dream that all the snow melted and basically the grass was like a sponge from all the water. LOL

And then the next morning the grass was literally like a sponge when I went outside. ahhhh

and now all the snow is basically gone !!!!!!!!!!!!! yay

I’m currently writing my finals this week ( and last week ) and just wrote 5 essays over the past two days and ahhhhhh government is so boring help me

I also am rereading the “a life of faith: millie keith” series for the FIFTH time. literally. they are some of the best books ever.

I also started working on an old painting again and so far it has been fun. a long process though. and I ran out of white paint agh so I’ve been using housepaint and its worked really great !!

I got so bored of this ah help

we also had lovely easter last sunday and a lovely tuuurkey so I made bone broth out of the carcass with some onion and the skin for color && also some carrots celery and some herbs.

my mom also found this CLASSY cow sweater in her closet that my grandma knitted yearrrrrrs ago. I claimed it && its the best thing ever LOL

oh oh and lastly

me and melanie were cleaning one of the storage rooms in the basement so she could stay in it and suddenly we saw Chunks ( her cat) staring in through the window and he had snow in his whiskers and he was so cold !! it happened that our parents let him out when they went to check cows an HOUR before. surprisly Dixie did not get to him before we did LOL

rainbow peperomnia


happy TUESDAY and make sure you are eating a lot of good food like us in quarantine. not good as in healthy but good as in flavor. ahah

the truth about facemasks

aloha friends!! it is GOOD FRIDAY today so happy good fridayyyy!! hope your having a lovely Easter weekend so far.


today I come with a liiiiittle bit of a rant. about something that is annoying me so badddd right now



I see them everywhere. people are sewing them, buying them, and even CROCHETING them.

people who do not have corona virus at all.

perfectly healthy people wearing facemasks.

and you gUUYYYSSsss

facemasks are NOT going to keep you from getting coronavirus if you are perfectly healthy.

I know this is a huge shocker but AIR CAN GO AROUND YOUR MASK.

especially with crocheted facemasks LOL


sure, if someone sneezes, you might be able to keep the large droplets from sneezing and talking off your face with your facemask but it is still in the air. and that air can go around your mask.

unless you actually have the dreaded coronavirus, your facemask is not going to keep you from getting the corona.

sure, take precaution && wash and sanitize your hands. don’t go around licking the grocery store floor.

and sure, wear a facemask if it makes your FEEL like you wouldn’t get coronavirus but realistically, its not going to keep you from getting coronavirus.

Literally the only time facemasks are effective is if you have coronavirus or have been exposed to it, and then it is effective because the mask is containing some of the germs and preventing other people around them from getting the virus.

I hiiiighly recommend checking out these resources where I got my information…

An AMAZING video about this from the BBC – HERE

An article about this on Business Insider – HERE

An article about this on Medicine Net – HERE

anyways. I don’t mean to offend anyone but to share the TRUTH ABOUT FACEMASKS

hope you have a fabulous Easter weekend even if you have to stay home !! happy easterrrrr !!!!

The Happy Houseplant: Snake Plants

aloha friends and happy MONDAY !! its a new week and we are going to be dicuss one of my all time favorite plants. the snake plant. also known as the “mother-in-laws tongue”. aka the cutest plant ever.

My Sansevieria snake plant with yellow tipped edged was the first official houseplant I purchased back in the fall and I LOVE HIM SO MUCH. his name is Bolivia but you can call him Olive for short. LOL

They are almost the easiest houseplant. ever. I remember getting and knowing literally nothing about snake planets except a) they like NEVER need to be watered b) they can tolerate low light c) someone i follow on Instagram got one and it was SO CUTE

they are such a classy, and sleek plant that automatically adds a little bit of boho to your room.

My sister Amanda also got a little rocket snake plant and another type of sansevieria snake plant that is just green with lighter green zig zags. My Mom got one like this too and they are both so cute


lets talk about caring for your new pet err plant

|| Snake plants are known for tolerating low light or no light at all. ACTUALLY. Snake Plants really enjoy light and new shoots will come up.

|| They enjoy a good watering every 6-8 weeks but they are an excellent at putting up with little to no watering.

|| Snake Plant propagation is one of the easiest types of propagation. You can either divide a small section off the mother plant or if a leaf happens to fall off, you can just cut the leaf into 2 inch sections and pop it into a well draining soil.


|| Its an air purifier. SO good for your air, especially in the winter.

|| it fights allergies. this is a great one for me because in the spring I get reeeally bad hay fever.


|| may have been overwatered and it is recommend you put near light source and to take precaution, plant your snake plant in a well draining soil.


|| it could have cold damage ( as in winter) or improper watering or possibly a pest infection such as mealy bugs or spider mites which should be treated immediately.

I hope you enjoyed learning about snake plants and you are able to care fro your snake plant better or you were encouraged to get one yourself!! ;)))

“quarantine” musings && hello april !!!!!!

aloha friends && happy APRIL !!!! it is currently 1:27 and i am on my second cup of coffee and its really hot inside the house. but I better not go outside bc coronavirus is apparently crawling all over.

dixie stretching !!!

just kidddddinggg I know coronavirus is a serious thing but i’m kinda annoyed at hearing about it and the extremely great lengths people are going. I’ve been following the virus since January and over these past two months, its gotten craaazy

during “quarantine” I….

-read a nancy drew, the clue in the stagecoach and it was surprisly good. I lovvvve the vintage copies over the new ones

-finished my science for the year !! I’m also super close to finishing social and math and then ill be donnnnnne

– painted !! I pulled out my watercolor and doodled some differnet whale species in my watercolor sketchbook and it was so fun !! I love whalessssss ๐Ÿ‹

– made lemon chicken. seriously the most beautiful thing I’ve ever eaten. I dream of this stuff.

-convinced Emily to make the most beautiful cinnamon bun recipe ever. its so beautiful. and they were excellent. ( I can say that now bc I didn’t make them ;)))

– cleaned out the laundry room w/ melanie and aghhhh we have so many mismatch socks. ahah

rooster watercolour ๐Ÿ”

– took some pictures of our lovely cattle in the back !! they are so cute

– drank a lot of bubly. still my fave. I also made a blackberry syrup with maple sugar bc it seems like such a sin to put sugar in Bubly which is all natural

– I started sunflower seeds !! I LOVE SUNFLOWERS SO MUUUUCH ahhh

green even when it’s gray out

– listened to ‘a distant melody’ by sarah sundin. she is seriously the quuuuuueen of wwii fiction.

-stayed off Instagram and my phone for a day. I GLADY did this bc I was SOOOOO fed up with those stupid tags going around. AGHHHHHHHHHHHH everyone get a liiiife and get off of Instagram please

-started a compost bucket !! im hoping to add this to our garden in the summer. its a great way to reduce waste and recycle it && its great for plants

so cute

now for my quarantine / april bucket list ( LOL )

– binge read a series. ideas: the “missing” series by Margaret Peterson Haddix, “anne of green gables” by l m montgomery or something else that will keep my interest aha

– finish my acrylic painting !!

chunky ๐Ÿ™‚

-paint a pair of pants !! or embroider something.

– listen to two audio books

-finished social and math and write finalsssss

-read 6 books hopefully. depends on my mood. sometimes I can binge read and other days I won’t read at all.

sassy cattle ๐Ÿฎ

anyways. I have a mouth sore from biting the inside of my lip and accidentally touched it while brushing my teeth this morning and agh it huuuurt


stay away from coronavirus && don’t do stupid Instagram tags.

au revoirrrrr